Jeff Greene Talks About Encounter With President Trump

Jeff Greene Talks About Encounter With President Trump


Billionaire Jeff Greene, facing some controversy of his own and being called to drop out of the sunshine state’s gubernatorial race, took some time in the week to criticize President Donald Trump.

Already making it clear that he’s not fan of the President, Greene gave some background of his history with the President, saying “I can’t stand this guy. I mean I never liked the guy when I first met him.”

He went on to cite an encounter with President Trump when he moved to West Palm Beach and became a member of the President’s Mar-a-Lago club. Greene explained an instance where he was with his wife, saying “I would be at my table, and he would come over all the time. He would always like point to me and say ‘your husband is really smart’ and then he’d walk away or say ‘beautiful wife,’ and I was thinking ‘This guy is weird.’ This is a guy who is unwilling to engage in any kind of conversation, he is so insecure.”

Greene added that President Trump “was considered this tacky narcissistic nutcase that nobody liked,” and he also said that Trump “is much more dangerous than I think anybody realizes.”

Daniel Molina

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