Democrats Respond to Trump’s Republican Rally

Democrats Respond to Trump’s Republican Rally


Donald Trump attended a rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in support of Congressman Ron DeSantis, Representative Matt Gaetz and Governor Rick Scott. There, the President touted Governor Rick Scott’s accomplishments while also criticizing Senator Bill Nelson.

In response to the rally, Democrats have issued a statement attacking the sunshine state Governor.

In the statement, Democrats express that the rally “will not hide the fact that Rick Scott has been a horrible governor for both primary and secondary education. Scott has not adequately funded public schools and has backed efforts to privatize schools, even as key educators and school administrators voice their strong opposition. He also vetoed a bill funding key post secondary education programs, while cutting thousands of state-funded scholarships.”

Finally, they added that “This event is nothing more than a photo-op, but Floridians know Scott’s true record in putting his own political future first by cutting funding for Florida’s education programs.”

In recent weeks, reports have shown that Governor Scott is polling higher among likely voters, which includes being better-liked and better-known among Puerto Rican voters. In addition, Governor Scott is also polling high among Cuban-American voters in South Florida.

San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Mayor formally endorsed Senator Nelson earlier this week.


Daniel Molina

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