Chris King Releases new Advertisement With his Wife

Chris King Releases new Advertisement With his Wife


As the primaries in Florida’s gubernatorial race head to a conclusion on August 28th, former Congresswoman Gwen Graham has skyrocketed to first place with with 29% support in a new St. Pete poll.

However, a new minute-long advertisement released by the Chris King campaign looks to give us an intimate look into the Florida businessman’s life as he trails behind his Democratic opponents. This comes ahead of the final Democratic gubernatorial debate that is scheduled to take place in the Orlando area.

In the advertisement, Chris King and his wife Kristen King discuss the early stages of their relationship where he explains that he “met her when I was 15. She was a lot older woman.” She was a senior who had to pick him up for their date, and they discuss talking to an Orlando Magic game where he made a comment about her eyes being pretty but failing to know her eye color when she closed her eyes and asked for it.

16 years later, they’re married and recounting funny, important moments in their lives.

Chris King is currently polling in 5th place among the 5 candidates running for the Democratic nomination.

The advertisement can be seen below:

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