Nelson and Scott Spar Over Puerto Rico

Nelson and Scott Spar Over Puerto Rico


As a result of Hurricane Maria, many residents of Puerto Rico have had to relocate to the United States of America. Many of their homes have been destroyed, and Senator Bill Nelson is condemning Governor Rick Scott as a number of survivors could end up becoming homeless in the next couple of days.

A FEMA funded program, Transitional Sheltering Assistance, was granted to them, but the program is set to expire this weekend after a 60-day expansion was granted. In response to this, Senator Nelson commented that “All FEMA has to do is activate the existing law, just like they did for Katrina victims in New Orleans.” He also added that he introduced measures in the Senate to extend the aid to the people in need, but apparently the measure was blocked by Republicans.

Rebutting Nelson’s claim, Governor Rick Scott said that Nelson is “all talk and no action.”

Specifying his comments, Governor Scott argued that “Trying to earn political points on a piece of legislation that never left the ground is typical of a career politician like Bill Nelson. Bill Nelson has had nearly half a century to learn how to solve problems at the federal level, but instead, the only thing he has mastered is how to file a bill without putting in the work to secure its passage.”

Instead, Governor Scott places blame on the Federal Government by saying that “have continued to do all we can at the state level to find real solutions for Puerto Rican families.”

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