Democrats continue calling tax reform law a “scam”
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Democrats continue calling tax reform law a “scam”


Since it’s inception, President Trump’s Tax Reform law has been called nothing less than a  “scam” by Democrats  like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D).

Wasserman Schultz continued pressing here assertion that the tax law was a “scam” that only benefits big business and wealthy Americans. The law does appears to help out big business, whose tax rate was drastically cut down, so the Democratic argument that the law only helps the rich has some weight behind it. But because of those across the board tax cuts, many Americans from all walks of life are enjoying tax relief. This is fact.

While Democrats are pushing back at the tax law, Republicans like Rep. Vern Buchanan (R) have been singing a different tune. In recent interview with The Floridian, Buchanan said that President Trump told him that he wanted to see more news tax cuts for small business and many more middle-class Americans later this summer.

“President Trump’ tax reform law is working, and according to Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan (R), the president wants to extend and expand the tax cuts to those outside of the “90% of Americans” that are already enjoying tax relief.

Buchanan, who believes that the law is “80% where it needs to be,” told The Floridian that during a White House trade meeting with Trump several weeks back, the president “turned and looked” at him and others and said he wanted to “talk about Tax 2.o.’ Trump ‘termed the concept 2.0.”

It what appears to be a strategic move to help Republicans in this fall’s mid-term elections, Buchanan said that the tax policy committee he chairs, is “actively working to produce somewhat of a product before August,” and hopes to get a bill for members to vote on “sometime in September.”

The focus of the committee will be to make the individual tax cuts “permanent long term” and to do more for small businesses (50 employees or less), start-ups, and those entrepreneurs who are looking to start up a small business.”

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