Rubio Speaks to Kings Academy Students

Rubio Speaks to Kings Academy Students


Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to Kings Academy students and urged them to rebel against a culture he believes is overly focused on wealth, fame bitter political fighting and approval.

He also explained that even if someone is not Christian, one could learn a lot from Jesus of Nazareth because he “was the most influential person who ever lived. He had no money, he had no political power, he had no army. Didn’t even have an Instagram account….He led a counter-cultural revolution that ended up overthrowing the most powerful empire in the world.”

He went on to detail that “The values that (Jesus) both taught and modeled are as unpopular today as they were in his time. Frankly it is something I struggle with and admit to not always getting right. After all, I’m in a line of work where I need at least more than half the people to like me. And I’m in this line of work at a time when so many people — sadly even those who confess to being followers of Jesus — reject many of the things he taught.”

Rubio noted to the students that “The more someone lives like Jesus, the more they exhibit true love.”

Kings Academy, a private christian school, posted the commencement speech on youtube and it can be seen below:


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