Nelson pushes for python hunt in Everglades National Park
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Nelson pushes for python hunt in Everglades National Park


One of Florida’s U.S. Senators is once again pushing for hunters to go out and shoot them some pythons. Nelson has historically taken it upon himself to grab a firearm or two, and take to the Everglades  to bag him one of the invasive snakes.

With Everglades National Park opening up its doors for hunters in desperate effort to kill as many of these snakes as possible, could the return of Hunter Nelson be right around the corner? It’s election season and politicians will do just about anything to get their picture in the press, so chances are that Nelson will be out trying to kill snakes.

If Nelson goes on a hunt, could we expect Gov. Rick Scott to follow his lead?

Again, this is campaign season.

Javier Manjarres

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