Governor Scott Slightly Breaks With Trump on Immigration Issue

Governor Scott Slightly Breaks With Trump on Immigration Issue


The measure of separating immigrant children from their parents when crossing the border illegally has been at the forefront of the political arena, and it’s faced it’s criticism from detractors. Term-limited Governor Rick Scott, a supporter of President Donald Trump, commented on the controversial issue in a written statement.

Governor Scott explained that “What the country is witnessing right now is the byproduct of the many years of bi-partisan inaction and failure from our federal government. They have failed to secure our borders, which has resulted in this chaos.”

Scott also added that “Let me be clear — I do not favor separating families. Washington is to blame for this by being all talk and no action, and the solution is to secure the border. Anyone seeking to enter our country illegally needs to be sent back, with the exception of those who are truly seeking asylum from an oppressive regime.”

Governor Scott’s opponent in the Senate race, Senator Bill Nelson, has taken to twitter to blast the measure by saying that “There is no legitimate reason to separate families at the border. None. This needs to stop. I have called on the Trump administration to end this inhumane policy immediately!”


Daniel Molina

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