Governor Scott Hits Nelson in new Advertisement

Governor Scott Hits Nelson in new Advertisement


Governor Rick Scott has just hit Senator Bill Nelson in a new digital advertisement concerning his bid to unseat the Democratic Senator. This is the 9th ad he’s released overall, it mostly touches on Puerto Rico, and it comes at a time where Senator Nelson’s advertisement presence is not strong.

In the minute long advertisement titled “Bill Nelson = Federal Government,” a female narrator explains that “Rick Scott leads. But Bill Nelson just complains about the federal government. Remember that after a half century in government, Nelson is the federal government. It’s time for Bill Nelson to go.”

Senator Nelson’s campaign responded to the advertisement by detailing that “This is typical Rick Scott, who always wants to blame the other person.” They commented that the Scott campaign should instead criticize the Trump administration because it “pulled critical resources from the island while people are hurting without electricity, potable water, and jobs.”

Democratic strategists have commented that the Nelson campaign is not equipped to defend itself against Governor Scott’s campaign, and they fear that Nelson will not be able to win reelection. This Senate race is also on track to be one of the most expensive and closely watched races leading up to the midterm elections.

The advertisement can be seen below:

Daniel Molina

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