Bipartisan defense for Stephanie Murphy after GOP opponent’s attack
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Bipartisan defense for Stephanie Murphy after GOP opponent’s attack


Democratic U.S. Representative Stephanie Murphy is currently running a re-election campaign against Republican Scott Sturgill for Florida’s 7th Congressional district.

A new ad released by Sturgill labels her as “Steakhouse Stephanie,” a candidate that holds a fundraiser in DC while her constituents were facing the effects of Hurricane Irma, which included several days without power. As a result, it’s received some backlash and Congressman Matt Gaetz has rushed to her support, making it clear that the allegations are not true.

He then followed that tweet elaborating on who Floridians should vote for in the primaries, and he also praised Murphy for her bipartisan efforts on the House Armed Services Committee, which Gaetz is also a member of.

Murphy stepped in to comment on the advertisement, and she took the time to disprove some of the accusations. For example, Sturgill claimed that Stephanie was holding the fundraiser on September 13th, but she tweeted a picture and explained that she was sitting with President Trump, asking him to green light federal aid to Florida for Hurricane Irma recovery.

She also posted a tweet showing her in her home without power, and she was taking time to play cards with her family to pass the time.

Meanwhile, Gaetz is throwing his support behind Sturgill’s GOP primary opponent, Rep. Mike Miller.

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