Scott Hits Nelson as ‘Party Line Voter’ in new tv ad

Scott Hits Nelson as ‘Party Line Voter’ in new tv ad


Term-limited Florida Governor Rick Scott continues his attack on Democratic Senator Bill Nelson with a new ad that hits Nelson as a ‘party line voter.” In the 30 second advertisement titled “Party Line”, several people are interviewed, and one person details that Senator Nelson is “what’s wrong with our broken Congress. Everybody is a party line voter and Bill Nelson is one of those.”

Another person explains that “I think Nancy Pelosi is a huge influence on the Democratic party and Bill Nelson.”

So far, the incumbent Senator has not taken to tv in what is surely the most expensive and closely watched race leading up to the midterm elections. In addition, the race is important because it’s going to test the trust that the sunshine state has on the work that President Trump has done while in office. Florida is also a state that President Trump won in the 2016 Presidential election.

Governor Scott has recently broken with part lines on gun issues and on oil drilling, and the Governor has also attacked Senator Nelson on his negative impact on the economy and on being a “career politician.”

Recent polls even show that political experts don’t think that Senator Nelson will not win the race.

The advertisement can be seen below:

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