Gwen Graham Says Floridians Don’t pay Enough Taxes

Gwen Graham Says Floridians Don’t pay Enough Taxes


Former Congresswoman Gwen Graham, currently running to replace term-limited Florida Governor Rick Scott, was caught on video saying that Floridians don’t pay enough taxes and need to pay more. She explained that Florida’s taxes are too “low” and that the Federal GOP tax cuts were “wrong.”

In a video released on youtube, the former Congresswoman is pressed on the issue of tax hikes, which she’s dodged since announcing her gubernatorial bid, and she finally made it clear what her position is on the matter.

In the exchange, she’s asked “I know that some people like Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Gillum they want to reverse the tax cuts that just happened. I was wondering what your view was when it comes to Floridians. Would you want to reverse those? Would you want to raise taxes? Would you agree with them?”

To this, Graham responds “Well, I think we desperately need to revise what’s going on in Florida right now…What happened in Washington was wrong…”

She’s asked, “Like the tax cuts in general?” and her response is yes.

Then, she’s asked to specify if she believes “ taxes would go up?”

And she confirms that “Florida is a very low tax state.”

The video of the interview can be seen below:


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