Curbelo’s Bill Protecting Children’s Identities from Fraud Passes

Curbelo’s Bill Protecting Children’s Identities from Fraud Passes


Florida Representative Carlos Curbelo is having a good week as the House just passed his bill that will protect children’s identities as part of the “Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act”.

In a statement explaining why this measure is important, Curbelo detailed that “Unfortunately, South Florida is all too familiar with the lengths at which fraudsters will go through to steal an identity, but the fact that children’s identities and personal information are being exploited at such alarming rates cannot continue to go unaddressed. This legislation is an effective, bipartisan solution that would limit synthetic ID fraud and help protect millions of identities from being stolen. We need to ensure that fraud detection is modernized to stop these crimes from continuing to negatively impact American families, and I look forward to the President signing it into law quickly.”

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona, who also partnered with Curbelo on the “Protecting Children from Identity Theft Act” bill, added that “No child should ever fall victim to financial crime or identity fraud. Targeting our kids and running up massive debts in their names is shameful and cowardly, and we must fight back to ensure they have the chance to build their own futures. Our fix modernizes federal fraud detection to stop these criminals and protect Arizona kids by improving screening for financial transactions. Every Arizonan deserves financial peace of mind, which is why we’ll keep working across the aisle to pass this commonsense bill.”

Daniel Molina

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