Scott hit with Democratic Ad Ahead of Senate Announcement
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Scott hit with Democratic Ad Ahead of Senate Announcement


Florida Governor Rick Scott is expected to make his Senate candidacy announcement on Monday, but Democrats are already releasing ads attacking the Governor who is set to take on Democratic Senator Bill Nelson for his seat. Senator Nelson is up for reelection, and the race is expected to be a contentious one.

In the newly released ad, titled “Won’t Look out for you,” the Senate Majority PAC attacks the Governor for his “self-serving at the expense of Floridians.”

The ad explains that in Governor Scott’s seven years, he “raised Floridians property taxes and/education funding while giving massive tax breaks to corporations and multimillionaires like himself.” Also, it criticizes that “Rick Scott’s company defrauded taxpayers … When his title was governor, he cut 1.3 billion from education, raised property taxes … And refused federal health care aid that would’ve covered almost a million Floridians.”

In a statement, Senate Majority PAC President J.B. Poersch commented that “History has proved that if you want to predict how Rick Scott will act, figure out what will benefit his political career and his bank account. The list goes on and on — leading a company that defrauded taxpayers, rewarding state contracts to companies he had a financial interest in, slashing education funding and raising property taxes. With Rick Scott, taxpayers always take a bath while he reaps the benefits. Floridians see right through Rick Scott, and they know he cannot be trusted to look out for them in the Senate.”


Daniel Molina

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