Scott Gives Welcoming Introduction to Putnam

Scott Gives Welcoming Introduction to Putnam


Outgoing Florida Governor Rick Scott is on the campaign trail in his bid to unseat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, the only Democratic statewide elected lawmaker. Adam Putnam, currently Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner, is on his own campaign to succeed Governor Scott. Both appeared alongside in the Villages, and Governor Scott’s welcoming introduction could be seen an endorsement.

Speaking of Putnam to the audience in the Fenney Recreation Center, Scott told the crowd that “He’s got a job as ag commissioner and he’s focused on how to make sure we bring our citrus industry back, make sure we continue to grow jobs in agriculture and all of those things. He’s got unbelievable relationships in D.C. but also he was been part of all the things we’ve done. We worked together in the Cabinet. He’s been part of the 1.5 million jobs. He’s been part of making sure we have education funding … and he’s also built relationships around the state that keep people safe.”

Putnam faces congressman DeSantis in the primaries for the Republican nomination, and President Donald Trump has endorse DeSantis for Governor.

Both races that Commissioner Putnam and Governor Scott are involved in are expected to be closely watched races in the upcoming midterm elections seeing how President Donald Trump won the sunshine state in the 2016 Presidential election.

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