Nelson Tackles Guns in St. Pete Town Hall

Nelson Tackles Guns in St. Pete Town Hall


Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson attended a St. Pete Town Hall where he answered questions regarding infrastructure, welfare and education. Not surprisingly, he spent a majority of the time discussing gun control and the recent gun bill that was signed by Florida Governor Rick Scott who’s likely to be facing Senator Nelson for his seat.

He informed the crowd to not expect gun reform to pass in Washington and that “Not much more is going to be done because the votes are not there to address the issue of massacres.”

He also addressed the issue of arming teachers in order to combat school shooters, pointing out that “The teachers don’t want to be armed.” Senator Nelson went on to explain that “I’ll tell you who else doesn’t want them to be armed: It’s the SWAT teams that have to storm the building to find the shooter. They don’t want to encounter a teacher with a gun while trying to find a shooter.”

He concluded by telling the audience that “People have been scared into thinking if you say you can’t purchase an assault rifle … then they are led to believe we’re going to take away all their guns. I’ve got more confidence in America than that because of the 2nd Amendment.”

In addition, he also addressed the possibility of facing Governor Scott, explaining that “Whoever my opponent is, I always take them very seriously and I run like there’s no tomorrow.”

Daniel Molina

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