Nelson continues leading bipartisan opposition to oil drilling of Florida’s coast
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Nelson continues leading bipartisan opposition to oil drilling of Florida’s coast


To drill or not to drill, that is the question the Trump Administration seems to be asking itself.

When President Trump announced that he would open all U.S. coastal waters to offshore oil and gas exploration, the entire Florida congressional delegation denounced the proposed move.

This was one of those rare bipartisan moments where the likes of Reps Al Lawson (D), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), Alcee Hastings (D) came to a kumbaya moment with Republicans like Matt Gaetz, Brian Mast, and Senator Marco Rubio, to oppose drilling off the coast of the Florida.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke quickly pulled back as said that drilling off Florida’s coastline was now “off the table,” but after another White House source said that drilling of Florida’s coast was not completely off the table, it’s hard to say if the administration will or will not spare Florida from energy exploration off its coastlines.

Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has been the de facto point man on the issue.

Nelson has taken the lead on the issue and has been pushing back against the administration every step of the way.

Wearing a very familiar flight suit, Nelson recently visited the Eastern Gulf Test and Training Range to highlight the importance to national security that oil drilling off the coast of Florida should be “off limits.”


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