Governor Scott Comments on Mueller

Governor Scott Comments on Mueller


President Donald Trump has been heavily critical of the Mueller investigation, and the criticism has only heightened after Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s house was raided. In response, President Trump sent off a storm of tweets lambasting Mueller, and now conversations of what President Trump is going to do with Mueller have been reignited. President Trump has consistently denied reports that he’s going to fire Mueller, and now Governor Scott is adding on to the conversation.

Governor Scott details that President Trump will “decide what he wants to do. He gets to make that decision.” But, he also notes that, as far as Mueller is concerned, Trump shouldn’t “dismiss him.”

The Governor is currently campaigning for his senate bid to unseat Democratic Florida Senator Bill Nelson, currently the only statewide elected Democrat. He was asked if he would support legislation protecting Mueller, and the sunshine state Governor explained that “What’s important in regards to, when the federal government is reviewing things, we as Americans need to know what’s going on. It needs to be complete transparency. And we need to make sure, whatever investigation it is, the facts get out there.”

His opponent, Senator Nelson, has stated that he supports such legislation.


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