Governor Scott Calls for Cuban Election Monitoring

Governor Scott Calls for Cuban Election Monitoring


A summit of the Americas will be taking place soon where Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Senator Marco Rubio will be representing the United States. In response to the Summit, Florida Governor Rick Scott, now a candidate for the Florida Senate, wrote a letter to Vice President Pence referencing his “profound commitment to democracy and human rights.” In the letter, the sunshine state’s Governor slams Cuba for its “brutal dictatorship” that oppresses its people in order to maintain a “dynastic succession.”

Governor Scott calls for “elections with international supervision.” And he points out that Cuba is directly responsible for the “Venezuelan nightmare.”

As Governor, Rick Scott has always been vocal with his foreign policy views. Now, as a senate candidate facing off against Bill Nelson for his seat, his views are only expected to be voiced in a stronger manner. This is why in the letter he writes, in bold, highlighting that “it should be made clear that until the United States knows that Cuba is on a path to democracy, Venezuela will remain on a path toward totalitarianism.”

He finally notes that he believes “it’s very important that America stands for freedom. I think we’ve got to defend our borders and our rights and all those things. But every chance we have the opportunity to help another group of individuals fight for freedom, we’ve got to do it.”

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