Florida Lawmakers Respond to Syrian Strike

Florida Lawmakers Respond to Syrian Strike


With the news yesterday that President Trump had ordered an airstrike on Syria in response to a chemical attack on its own citizens earlier in the week, many lawmakers and citizens of the United States are struggling to come to a conclusion on how they feel about the President’s decision. But, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Senator Bill Nelson have all come out praising the airstrike and saying that it’s the right move.

Commenting on the strike, Senator Rubio explained that “Tonight, our commander-in-chief ordered our military to defend America’s vital national security interest in preventing hostile regimes like Syria’s Assad regime from using chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. I salute the men and women of our Armed Forces who conducted this mission bravely and skillfully with our British and French allies. I urge the Administration to follow up with a real and comprehensive strategy for ending Assad’s threat to his people, to the region and to U.S. security, and for countering Russian and Iranian support for the Syrian dictatorship’s ongoing barbarity.”

Meanwhile, Scott and Nelson, both involved in a Florida senate race, took to twitter to share their thoughts on the President’s move.

Daniel Molina

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