DeSantis Says He Would’ve Vetoed Gun Bill

DeSantis Says He Would’ve Vetoed Gun Bill


The Parkland shooting incited protests calling for gun control that gained medial attention as lawmakers looked for ways in order to respond to the shooting and prevent future shootings from happening.

Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor candidate, is arguing that he would’ve vetoed the controversial gun bill that Governor Rick Scott signed into law. The bill drew protests form the NRA because it raised the purchasing age of a firearm from 18 to 21 and it banned “bump stock” attachments. The bill also drew some opposition from gun control activists because it called for certain school staff to be properly trained and armed in order to combat any school shooting situation that might present itself.

DeSantis commented that it’s “Better to focus on denying firearms to dangerous individuals, which avoids infringing on constitutional rights and is also more likely to be effective.”

He also added that he would’ve told the legislature to send him the parts that focused on enhancing school security and mental health programs. What he disagrees with is the restrictions on guns, which he sees as infringements on the 2nd amendment.

Gun control is a major topic heading into the upcoming midterm elections, and Ron DeSantis considers himself to be a “big Second Amendment guy.” President Donald Trump has endorsed him for Governor.


Daniel Molina

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