Ross Spano comes out swinging in Republican AG Race
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Ross Spano comes out swinging in Republican AG Race


Florida’s Republican primary race to be the next state Attorney General is stewing to be one of the most contentious in recent history, as several of the announced candidates in the race are now actively engaging in a political fist fight with each other.

Rep. Jay Fant (R) ongoing Jiu Jitsu, ‘you are a liberal Democrat’ political assault against the presumed frontrunner in the race, former Judge Ashley Moody (R), has stolen much of the limelight in the race.

While Rep. Frank White (R) has been quite for the most part, his colleague in the Florida House of Representatives Ross Spano (R) has not.

Spano, the married father of 4 and commercial litigation attorney from the Tampa area, has come out swinging with conservative and work experience bona fides.

Spano told The Floridian that the reason why he is running to replace outgoing AG Pam Bondi is because he has always had an “indescribable passion for justice,” adding that his personal experience of having to push back against political “bullies” who have told him to “wait his turn” and “step down” because he was not the “chosen one” in the AG race.

“At some point in your life when you will have to stand up to the bullies, sometimes it may will cost you everything, it usually requires sacrifice, and it always requires courage,” said Spano.

When asked what his advantages over the other candidates in the race were, Spano cited that his 20 years of litigating 500 cases, possible as much as 1000 cases, made him the right man for the job.

“If you are going to manage a team of over 400 attorneys that represent the state of Florida, you better daggone  know how to try a case. I’ve got that, Frank (White) doesn’t have that. Fant’s been a general counsel for his father-in-law’s car dealership. I doubt he’s every gone to a courtroom. Jay Fant I know for a fact has never been in a courtroom. He’s never even practice law, period.”Rep.Ross Spano

Because Spano, Fant, and White have been in Tallahassee working through the legislative session, Moody has been able to freely hit the road and deliver her message to Republican groups around the state. Expect that Fant, Spano and White will do the same shortly after the session concludes this week.


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