Trump Has Exchange with Governor Jay Inslee

Trump Has Exchange with Governor Jay Inslee


President Trump has been vocal since the Parkland shootings that left 17 students dead, and he’s criticized the FBI’s terrible mishandling of not going after the shooter when people close to him had reported him as a risk. In addition, he’s also been heavily critical of the Broward Sheriff’s Office for neglecting the attack and doing nothing to intervene and prevent it from reaching the height’s that it did.

In a 75 minute speech, President Trump called on Governor Rick Scott to continue working diligently on trying to prevent future attacks from happening. And, during the event, Washington Democratic Governor Jay Inslee had an exchange with the President over their disagreement on whether or not teachers should be properly trained and armed to be more effective in the event of a school shooting.

President Trump called on the Governor to speak his mind, which lasted roughly around 5 minutes, and the Governor made it known that he thinks the argument of arming teachers should be completely put aside and more effort should be made to find other ways to help prevent attacks like the Parkland shooting from happening again. He ended his plea by saying that “we need a little less tweeting here and a little more listening.”

Watch a part of the exchange below:

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