Friday Will See Proposed Gun Changes

Friday Will See Proposed Gun Changes


Friday will be the culmination of a week full of protests calling from stricter gun control laws and meetings between shooting survivors and lawmakers. Florida Governor Rick Scott and other Republican lawmakers will be proposing gun law changes in hopes of presenting measures that will prevent future attacks from like last week’s Parkland shooting from happening.

It’s important to note that these measures will also be important for the upcoming midterm elections to come, and it’s the most important gun control proposals to be made since the Republican Party won control over 22 years ago.

The bills proposed are expected to include expanding mental health and safety and background checks. Police will be given more power to enact the Baker Act and prevent people with mental health issues to acquire weapons. And, the legal age to buy high-capacity weapons and semi-automatic weapons is expected to rise from 18 to 21.

Still, Democrats argue that the propositions aren’t good enough, and they are demanding a ban on assault weapons, which is not on any of the proposed bills.

Oscar Braynon, Senate Democratic Leader from Miami Gardens, commented on the measures by saying that “So long as assault rifles like the AR-15 are legally sold in this state, so long as they are not banned, their threat to civilians will remain in every school, every mall, every movie theater, every nightclub, and in every place the public gathers.”

Only time will tell if both sides of the aisle can reach an agreement for the sake of preventing future acts and for the sake of a peaceful political atmosphere.

Daniel Molina

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