Female House members will wear black to SOTU address
U.S. Congress

Female House members will wear black to SOTU address


The #metoo movement against sexual harassment and assault against women has taken a life of its own, and women from all over the country are standing shoulder-to-shoulder, regardless of color, creed, or political affiliation, to denounce the sexist  and abusive behavior that many of them have endured.

The national sexual harassment pandemic first started in Hollywood when actresses called out Harvey Weinstein as being the resident pervert, accusing him of harassment, while others  accused him of sexual assault.

It was only a matter of time before this ‘sexual plague’ reached the halls of congress. After Sen. Al Franken  and Rep. John (both Democrats) were accused of similar behavior, forcing the two to resign from the U.S. Congress, female members of congress joined together to denounce all sexual harassment, regardless of political affiliation.

Now these very same women are following in the lead of some Hollywood actors of dressing in black to show their solidarity with victims. Hollywood actresses wore white during the recent Golden Globe Awards, and now Rep. Lois Frankel (D), who along other House Democratic members, will also wear black at the upcoming State of the Union address.

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  • Janet says:

    Why didn’t they do something 20 yrs ago, they knew , they all new, what a bunch of two faced bitches…. Vote them all out.

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